Spiritual Alchemy Energy Transfigurations


     Healing is my passion. It's an amazing feeling to do something for work that I absolutely love to do - to help other people along in their healing journey. As I was "awaking", it became more clear to me that this is what I wanted to do and what I had to do with my life. Along my own personal healing journey I experienced and learned some healing principals, from Psychics, Mediums, Channelers, Angel Readers, Intuitive Readers, Reiki Practitioners, Energy Healers, Crystal Healers, Sound Healers and Body Workers.

     At the onset of my healing journey, I was a skeptic and skeptical about how spiritual healing could help me. In my mind it was all a bunch of "woo woo" and "hocus pocus" stuff, but after my first two sessions of Reiki I was convinced that there was something to it. It was helping me in a miraculous way with helping me see behavior and thought patterns that were not helping me in my life. In my opinion, I felt that it was a "fast track" to healing emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It has been a couple of years and I am still healing, but I feel that if I had not taken this alternative path for myself that I may have never done the things I have done in the past two years, healed from hurts that I had no idea affected me so deeply that they kept me from moving forward in my life. 

     I chose a few modalities to study, learn and practice; and am continually learning new healing modalities that interest me. I have been an empath and intuitive since I was very young, but as many do, I suppressed my gifts and abilities for years. It's been a journey to recover, maintain and keep my gifts balanced. For a short time, I studied Crainal Sacral Massage Therapy and Reflexology. I prefer hands on healing, but found that I would absorb other people's illnesses and become sick myself. For now, I have stepped away from being a body worker, but highly recommend massage and other body work as part of healing.

     I do want my clients to understand that their overall well being is based on overall wellness. That being said, Alternative and Holistic healing should always be used with discretion and used in conjunction with Traditional Western Medicine. I advise anybody that wants to explore or experience Alternative healing to first consult their Primary Care Physician.

    If you are new to Alternative & Holistic healing, you may be wondering if you have to have a certain set of religious beliefs or subscribe to a cult. The answer is NO! An open mind and a belief in a higher power is preferred and helpful, but NOT NECESSARY.
Because I have a sense of humor and the truth is that Alternative & Holistic Healing has a connotation of being mystical, spooky and completely misunderstood.... I went with the Tag Line "Woo Woo for your Boo Hoo" and I call myself a Witch. Don't worry! I am a good witch! I'm a funny witch too! If you want a serious mean came to the wrong place my dear! I am a human being just like you. I want to have fun in my work, which I take very seriously. I am a compassionate healer that truly wants every human being to be pain free, happy and at peace.

Blessings & Gratitude to All!

Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson
Owner, Healer, Teacher