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Online Dream Interpretations

    One of my favorite things to do is Dream Interpretations. Dreams are messages from our subconscious. The things that we are unaware that we are thinking and worrying about just beneath the surface. Sometimes our dreams can be recurring, or something traumatic from our past that we haven't dealt with or our dreams can even be prophetic in nature.
    For me, my dreams tend to be very strange and weird, but nonetheless it's valuable information for us to investigate. Investigating the symbolism, feelings and impressions of the dream can help us better understand ourselves in our waking life.
    My dream interpretations are an intuitive analysis of the information you provide me. My dream interpretations are far beyond looking up dream symbolism in a dream dictionary.
     The intention of my Dream Interpretations is to help you understand what you might need to focus on or work on; or have an understanding of, in your waking life. 

How I conduct Dream Interpretations:
1) Client Books appointment online and provides email address.
2) Client sends dream information via email.
3) Client will be directed to make payment prior to analysis.
4) I will intuitively analysis and send a report of my analysis by email. 

The information I will need from you....
Please describe in detail your dream the best that you can.
The following are writing prompts to help you remember and to help me fully analysis your dream(s). 
What happened in the dream?
Was there a big focus on one thing?
Did something seem insignificant? A little detail that you brushed aside?
How did you feel during the dream? Happy, Sad, Confused, Angry, Scared?
Did you have any type of strong emotions during or about the dream?
Did you have an overall sense of something throughout the dream? 


Online Dream Interpretations
One Hour Analysis for $35